Casa dei Tre Oci

Europe’s exposure to the limits of the nation state makes it a unique laboratory to explore our planetary future. The Berggruen Institute Europe attracts philosophers and political thinkers, artists and architects, scientists and technologists, to develop and promote long-term answers to the main challenges of the 21st century by developing ideas that emerge from Europe and address the world.

Complementing the centers in Los Angeles and Beijing, the Venice Center links the Institute’s work in the East and West and provides an environment to foster a more open and constructive intellectual dialogue between China and the West.

In centering its European program at the iconic Casa dei Tre Oci, the Berggruen Institute will preserve the historic function and identity of the palazzo as part of the cultural fabric of Venice. Designed as a private home and studio by the artist Mario De Maria, the neo-Gothic Tre Oci has a long history of hosting artists and intellectuals and serving as a venue for cultural meetings and debates.

Berggruen Institute Europe evolves Casa dei Tre Oci into a house of ideas and a gathering place for global dialogue housing an international program of summits, workshops, symposia, and exhibitions.

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