Lorenzo Marsili

Director, Berggruen Institute Europe

Lorenzo Marsili is an activist philosopher and writer. The founder of transnational political NGO European Alternatives and the cultural institution Fondazione Rizoma, his research and political work focus on defining and promoting futures beyond the nation-state.

A regular public speaker and international media commentator, he was the founding editor of the independent journal Naked Punch Review in London and Beijing. He has degrees in philosophy and sinology from the University of London, and his books include Il Terzo Spazio (Laterza, 2017), Citizens of Nowhere (Zed Books, 2018), La tua patria è il mondo intero (Laterza, 2019), and Planetary Politics (Polity Press, 2020). A resident of both Berlin and Palermo, he spent his Berggruen Fellowship writing a new book about how China redefines globalization, and the role of Europe as a laboratory for a new planetary politics.

By Lorenzo Marsili

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