Giulia Carbone

Contact and Organizational Coordinator

Giulia Carbone is the Contact and Organizational Coordinator in Marsilio Arte for Berggruen Institute Europe.

She obtained a Masters degree in Chinese and Chinese cinema at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.

She moved to Taipei in 2013, where she worked in the cinema world for three years.

After Asia, she had an interlude in New York, and was then hired at the Venice Biennale, dealing with the organization of the International Film Festival for almost 5 years. At the same time she created Dong Film Fest, a precious Chinese cinema and video art festival in Turin.

At the end of 2021, she was in Milan for a job with Balich Wonder Studio, for which she worked on various international projects. After leaving Balich, she started a collaboration with Classica HD (SKY).

All this has always been inspired by her first passion, cinema, and also by the art and culture breathed into her family.

In 2023 she launched her personal projects: a brand of eco-sustainable artisan bags, Fugu Moda; and a cultural association, VIA Arte e Ambiente, with the ambitious objective of using contemporary art to enhance the territory where her roots lie, Montis Regalis in the Italian Piedmont.