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Confucian Ren and Care poster

Confucian Ren and Care

Adventures of Enlightenment by Alexander Kluge photo

Adventures of Enlightenment by Alexander Kluge

Governor Newsom and inmates

California will finally have indoor heat standards for workplaces — with a cruel exception

Mars Migration poster

Planetary Pluralism: A Humanistic Dialogue on Migration to Mars

Body Philosophy poster

Fundamental Concepts in Philosophy: BODY

The Larva of Time poster

The Larva of Time

Cognitive Infrastructures image

"Cognitive Infrastructures: Synthetic Intelligence in the Wild" Keynote Lecture by Benjamin Bratton, Antikythera Director

Meloni and Macron

Macron and Meloni appear poles apart – but what if they joined forces to save Europe?

Lullaby Room poster

The Lullaby Room

Web of Life image

From Tree of Life to Web of Life — The Origin of Life Complexity

Photo from The New International Economic Order

The New International Economic Order: Lessons and Legacies Fifty Years Later

The Body of Europe title card

"The Body of Europe", a lecture by Giorgio Agamben

Boundaries and Resonance of the Body

The Logic of Life in the Ninth Power of Ten

Pulmonata illustration

Los Angeles as a Site for Planetary Health

JANUS Exhibition

Barcelona y Bogotá: ¿Cuál es la ciudad más democrática del mundo?

Barcelona vs. Bogota: What Is the World's Most Democratic City?

In That Golden Summer Time poster

The Problem of Heat on an Unequal Planet

Modernism, Cosmopolitanism, and Universalism title card

Modernism, Cosmopolitanism, and Universalism

Affinità Elettive title card

Affinità Elettive. Picasso, Matisse, Klee e Giacometti. Artworks from Museum Berggruen - Neue Nationalgalerie in dialogue with some of the masterpieces of Gallerie dell’Accademia

Photo of Casa dei Tre Oci facade

Opening of the Berggruen Institute Europe Headquarters, Casa dei Tre Oci

Public Equity Stakes Cover

Public Equity Stakes in U.S. Economic Policymaking

Now Accepting Applications for 2024-25 Beijing Fellowships

Embodiment Graphic

Embodiment & Intelligence

Introducing FIDE - North America

graphic for Berggruen Prize Essay Competition

New Berggruen Prize Essay Competition Open For Submissions

Cover photo of Children of a Modest Star

"Children of a Modest Star" published by Stanford University Press

photo of Kojin Karatani

NY Times: Kojin Karatani wins $1 Million Berggruen Prize

photo of Patricia Hill Collins

El País: Patricia Hill Collins, sociologist: ‘Intellectuals have done a good job of saying the world is awful, and young people are dispirited’

Fiction and Futures

Vaster Than Empires Program

“We Might Appear as Forest Fires,” Curator’s Statement

“What is Collective Intelligence?”

“Vaster than Empires” by CROSSLUCID

"We Might Appear As Forest Fires" Performance

Cover of Gongsheng Across Contexts

New Book by Bing Song, Director of Berggruen Institute China

Chapter 4: Future Technê Summit - FORMING INTELLIGENCE, video thumbnail

Chapter 4: Future Technê Summit - FORMING INTELLIGENCE

Chapter 3: Narrating the Future, video thumbnail

Chapter 3: Narrating the Future

Chapter 2: Ipseity, video thumbnail

Chapter 2: Ipseity

Chapter 1: Air Age Blueprint, video thumbnail

Chapter 1: Air Age Blueprint

Rupture and Reconstruction: Leaving Earth, Heading Towards the Universe