Studio B.

The in-house production team at Berggruen Institute

Whoever tells the story rules.

The stories we tell and the images we ingest shape our imaginations of the possible. As the world’s most prolific storyteller, Hollywood remains the global epicenter of this metier. Entering a future defined by planetary scale computation and artificial intelligence, synthetic biology and pandemic risk, and climate change and de facto terraforming makes it more important than ever to get our stories right. How do we distinguish fiction from fact? How does what we see on screens big and small move us? And how does it affect how we understand our collective condition and responsibilities toward one another?

Studio B. brings together storytellers and technologists, the creatives with the creators, to explore these questions. Through a multimedia portfolio of work that incorporates live events, partnerships and original video and audio productions, Studio B. aims to bring the ideas and thinkers of the Institute to a wider audience than ever before.

For production inquiries and full slate please contact:
Alex Gardels or Nathalia Ramos

As philosophers have also long understood, images rule dreams, and dreams rule actions. Both are the powerful currency of Hollywood.

"American Idol After Iraq: Competing for Hearts and Minds in the Global Media Age" by Nathan Gardels and Mike Medavoy


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