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Rupture and Reconstruction: Leaving Earth, Heading Towards the Universe

Patricia Hill Collins, Socióloga: “Los Intelectuales Hemos Retratado un Mundo Horrible y los Jóvenes Están Desangelados”

Tianxia IV Conference: A Civilizational Dialogue as a Framework for Engagement on a Possible Planetary Order

Berggruen China Center 5-Year Report

Dedicated Issue of Global Policy, New Interactive Website Showcase Berggruen Governance Index

The Russian Social Contract

The Governance Triangle

Berggruen Fellow Featured on NPR's the Academic Minute

Rupture and Reconstruction: A Koan About Zen Itself

BBC Thinking Allowed: Patricia Hill Collins

TIME: The Winner of a $1 Million Philosophy Prize Sees a Silver Lining to Ideas Getting Attacked

Feminist Icon Patricia Hill Collins Becomes First Black Winner of $1 Million Berggruen Prize

Patricia Hills Collins

Sociologist Patricia Hill Collins Wins $1m Berggruen Prize for Philosophy

$1 Million Berggruen Philosophy Prize Awarded to Patricia Hill Collins

Assembly Theory and the Complexity of Life

Artificial General Intelligence Is Already Here

Exploring Opportunities to Launch the...

Reflexive Alienation: Pondering Cosmic Otherness with Dario Robleto

The Bold Idea to Move Millions to Climate Havens

Berggruen Fellow on Kettering's Emerging Panel

Rupture and Reconstruction: Transforming “Native” and “Foreign”

Planetary Portal

Berggruen Seminar 23: Psychological, Brain and Virtual Reality Research on Moral Emotion and Cognition

Tomorrow’s Democracy Is Open Source

Rupture and Reconstruction | A Koan About Zen Itself

Seminar 22 Poster

Berggruen Seminar 22 | After Order: Europe’s Transition to a Post-Western World, 1989-2023 | Timothy GARTON ASH x LU Xiaoyu

Artist Peter Liversidge Reflects on the Berggruen Institute’s First Decade and Its Role in the Future

Putting the Public Back in Public Policy

“Rupture and Reconstruction: Multiple Perspectives on Modernity” Series

Kojin Karatani Berggruen Prize Remarks

From the Age of Empires to the Age of Humanity

Nicolas Berggruen, Collector and Philanthropist, Sets His Sights on Venice

A Far-right European Union Could Be Around the Corner

Are We Heading Towards a Far-Right European Union?

The Evolution of What It Means to Be Human

Xenobots and Futures of Life

For Everyday Citizens to Save Democracy, It’ll Cost Money. Here’s Where It Can Come From

After Years of Ups and Downs, Los Angeles Moves Forward on Creation of a Public Bank

Rupture and Reconstruction: The Philosophy Behind Social Science

L’Europa come laboratorio del mondo? La Scommessa dell’Istituto Berggruen

Public Banking Efforts Are Gaining Momentum and Clarity in California

Berggruen Institute Report: Historic California Citizens’ Assembly Dramatically Increases Political Engagement, Builds Community and Social Cohesion Among Participants