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Now Accepting Applications for 2024-25 Beijing Fellowships

The Berggruen Research Center at Peking University was established on December 19, 2018. Launched by the President of Peking University and the Chairman of the Berggruen Institute, the Center is a hub for East-West research and dialogue dedicated to cross-cultural and interdisciplinary studies of the transformations affecting humanity. The Center engages China’s most outstanding thinkers to examine, share, and develop ideas to address global challenges. The Berggruen Institute has committed a generous amount of support to the Center, which includes a fellowship program, and houses program activities such as lectures and symposia alongside a host of other public events.

About the Berggruen Fellowship

Selected Berggruen Fellows will work on topics related to one of the Center’s three core themes: (1) Frontier Science, Technology, and Philosophy, (2) Creative Futures, and (3) Ancient Wisdom and Planetary Governance. The core themes serve as a broad guidance for applicants, who will need to propose their own specific research projects under those themes.

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Thinkers in all areas, including science, philosophy, sociology, art, etc. are welcome to join us. The fellowship is part-time and is expected to last one year from 2024 to 2025. The Center will negotiate with the fellow on their starting date. A yearly stipend of 200,000 CNY (before tax) will be paid to fellows monthly, and fellows are expected to be aware of their own income tax liability.

The selected fellows will negotiate an agreement with the Center to contribute to the Center’s yearly programs, such as writing short essays, organizing events, or conducting their own initiatives. Fellows are required to participate Center’s fellow gathering events. Fellows who are not based in Beijing are expected to spend some time in Beijing during the fellowship period and the Center will organize accommodation and transportation.


Fellows must be committed to intellectual work of the highest quality.

Applicants should hold the highest degree in their field of study or commensurate research expertise.

The fellowship program is open to all research backgrounds.

To Apply

Send application materials denoted below to before May 31, 2024.

I. Curriculum Vitae

II. Project Statement

A project statement (up to 1000 words) should answer two questions:

Question #1: What is your proposed project?

Concisely describe the work you plan to do during your fellowship year(s):

Explain the specific questions and research ideas that you will explore as well as your working schedule for the entire year of your fellowship.

Describe the public impact of your project: how will you collaborate with the Center to raise public awareness of the Center’s theme and work?

Question #2: What is your most important work relevant to the Center’s three core areas?

Identify your most important book, book chapter, or article and explain its importance and its relevance to the Center’s work. Explain how it corrected a misconception in the literature, how it advanced thinking in some salient way, and/or how it filled an important knowledge gap.


The application deadline is May 31, 2024. The Center’s Academic Advisory Board, chaired by Professor Lin Jianhua and Professor Roger T. Ames, will decide upon the awardees. The awardees will receive notification of their fellowship before July 20, 2024.

Program Descriptions

About The Berggruen Institute

About The Berggruen Institute

About The Berggruen Institute

About The Berggruen Institute

About The Berggruen Institute

About The Berggruen Institute

About The Berggruen Institute

About The Berggruen Institute

About The Berggruen Institute

About The Berggruen Institute

The Berggruen Institute’s mission is to develop foundational ideas and shape political, economic, and social institutions for the 21st century. Providing critical analysis using an outwardly expansive and purposeful network, we bring together some of the best minds and most authoritative voices from across cultural and political boundaries to explore fundamental questions of our time. Our objective is enduring impact on the progress and direction of societies around the world.