Alex Gardels

Director, Studio B

Alex Gardels serves as the Director of Studio B., the Berggruen Institute’s in-house production studio. Studio B. was founded with the goal of generating original projects and partnerships that amplify and expand on the work and ideas generated throughout the Institute, including film, television, audio, and live events.A third generation Los Angeleno, Alex is an award-winning writer and director with over a decade of independent film experience.

By Alex Gardels

“What is Collective Intelligence?”

Chapter 4: Future Technê Summit - FORMING INTELLIGENCE, video thumbnail

Chapter 4: Future Technê Summit - FORMING INTELLIGENCE

Chapter 3: Narrating the Future, video thumbnail

Chapter 3: Narrating the Future

Chapter 2: Ipseity, video thumbnail

Chapter 2: Ipseity

Chapter 1: Air Age Blueprint, video thumbnail

Chapter 1: Air Age Blueprint