Recommendations for City of Los Angeles Master Plan / Wilshire Community Plan

Community Recommendations for the City of Los Angeles’ General Plan 2040

The Berggruen Institute’s first LA-based initiative, Sense LA, together with organizations throughout Los Angeles, is using its leading-edge community input method to gather and provide formal recommendations for the City of Los Angeles’ General Plan 2040.

By Fall 2020, SenseLA will launch an online interactive community plan and written report for the Wilshire Corridor that will provide community-led recommendations based on information emerging from its various creative assemblies with organizations throughout the area.

The initiative, spearheaded by the Korean American Federation of Los Angeles and former LAFD deputy Chief, Emile Mack, has been adopted by dozens of place-based, religious and cultural organizations throughout the city.

Using Sense LA to gather input for the general plan builds on the concept of participatory planning and leverages people’s creativity and local expertise to build a more comprehensive, inclusive, and dynamic plan for the next twenty years.

Participating organizations as of Spring 2020:

• Korean American Federation of Los Angeles
• Bangladeshi Unity Federation of Los Angeles (BUFLA)
• Search to Involve Phillipino Americans (SIPA)
• Wilshire Center Koreatown Neighborhood Council (WCKNC)
• Rampart Village Neighborhood Council
• Magnolia Community Initiative
• Westlake North Neighborhood Council
• Department of Neighborhood Empowerment
• Information Technology Agency (LA City’s Mayor’s Office)
• State Senator William’s office
• CCNP (Central City Neighborhood Partners
• Islamic Center