Gabriel Kahan

Creative Practitioner and Technologist, Berggruen Fellow

Gabriel Kahan works at the intersection of art, pedagogy, and collective intelligence. For over 10 years he worked closely with local and national governments, NGO’s and schools, creating and deploying online educational content, impacting over 4 Million students and teachers in the US and the Americas. Between 2014-2017 Gabriel was a researcher and lecturer at MIT’s Program in Art, Culture and Technology where he developed a collaborative learning method to help diverse groups of people from varied backgrounds and abilities identify, understand and express common yet complex situations, through deep thinking, design management and manufacturing, and artistic reification. As a Berggruen Fellow, Gabriel is deploying the method throughout Los Angeles to create an urban collective-intelligence resource to help people from all backgrounds and abilities, have a civic voice in their community, understand their city and their place within it, guide multi-pronged decision making, and create new perspectives, together.

By Gabriel Kahan

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