Steven Weber

Political Scientist; 2019-2020 Berggruen Fellow

Steven Weber is Professor at the School of Information and Department of Political Science at UC Berkeley. He is also the Faculty Director of the Center for Long Term Cybersecurity, a large-scale multi-disciplinary research program on emerging cybersecurity issues at the intersection of new technologies, human behavior, and risk calculations made by firms and governments; and one of the founders and co-directors of Bridging the Gap, a 15 year initiative devoted to enhancing the policy impact of international affairs scholarship. His research focuses on the political economy of knowledge-intensive industries with special attention to digital technologies and national competitiveness. His best known book, The Success of Open Source, was one of the first extensive studies of how the open source software community works. His forthcoming book Bloc by Bloc: How to Organize a Global Enterprise (Fall 2019) explains how economic geography is evolving around machine learning, and the consequences for multinational organizations in the post financial crisis world. At Berggruen, Steve will work on a collaborative project to develop a 21st century-appropriate roadmap for constructing an international architecture to advance global liberalism.

By Steven Weber

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