Stanley Qiufan Chen

Speculative Fiction Writer, 2023-2024 Berggruen Fellow

Chen Qiufan (a.k.a. Stanley Chen, is an award-winning Chinese speculative fiction author. His works include the debut novel Waste Tide which sets in the near-future China haunting by electronic waste and the ghost of Extractionism, as well as AI 2041: Ten Visions for Our Future, co-authored with Dr. Kai-Fu Lee (author of AI Superpower) innovatedly blends the format of science fiction with tech analysis, exploring the potential chances and risks in an AI-Human coevolving era, which won them a prize as Germany Best Business Book of the year.

He’s often involved in public and academic events. Chen frequently lectures on a variety of topics, including Chinese Science Fiction History, Climate Change and ecological issue, AI Writing and Techno-shamanism.

For his Berggruen Fellowship, Chen plans to organize and lead an interdisciplinary storymaking/storybreaking/storytelling effort in the Vaster Than Empires project, which brings together scientists, storytellers, and media specialists to advance our collective capacity to understand as well as to imagine forms of intelligence that transcend the individual human mind to encompass planetary perspectives."

Also, he will be involved and organize Hemispherical Stacks Workshop, which will bring together a select group of science-fiction writers, philosophers, political scientists and designers who will speculate together on the geopolitical futures of planetary computation.