S. M. Amadae

University Lecturer in Politics; 2019-2021 Berggruen Fellow at CASBS

S. M. Amadae is conducting research on how neoliberal capitalism anticipates the political illiberalism which stoke national populism. She is currently a University Lecturer in Politics at the University of Helsinki, Finland and is studying the Nordic welfare model and its cooperative business form as a non-utopian alternative to neoliberal forms of political economy. Current work also includes research on the impact of systemic discrimination. She also holds appointments of Research Affiliate at the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, University of Cambridge; and Research Affiliate in Science, Technology, and Society at MIT. Her publications include Prisoners of Reason: Game Theory and Neoliberal Political Economy (Cambridge University Press 2016) and the award-winning Rationalizing Capitalist Democracy: Cold War Origins of Rational Choice Liberalism (University of Chicago Press, 2003).