Roger Ames

Philosopher, Editor and Translator; 2016-18 Berggruen Fellow at Peking University

Roger T. Ames is Humanities Chair Professor at Peking University, Academic Director to Berggruen China Center, Berggruen Fellow, and Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the University of Hawai’i. He is a former editor of Philosophy East & West and founding editor of China Review International.

Ames has authored several interpretative studies of Chinese philosophy and culture: Thinking Through Confucius (1987), Anticipating China (1995), Thinking From the Han (1998), and Democracy of the Dead (1999) (all with D.L. Hall), Confucian Role Ethics: A Vocabulary (2011), and most recently Human Becomings: Theorizing Persons for Confucian Role Ethics (2020).

His publications also include translations of Chinese classics: Sun-Tzu: The Art of Warfare (1993); Sun Pin: The Art of Warfare (1996) (with D.C. Lau); the Confucian Analects (1998), the Classic of Family Reverence: The Xiaojing (2009) (both with H. Rosemont), Focusing the Familiar: The Zhongyong (2001), and The Daodejing (with D.L. Hall) (2003). Almost all of his publications are now available in Chinese translation, including his philosophical translations of Chinese canonical texts. He has recently published a new bilingual Sourcebook in Classical Confucian Philosophy (2022) and the companion volume, A Conceptual Lexicon of Classical Confucian Philosophy.

By Roger Ames

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