Nicole Rigillo

Anthropologist; 2018-2020 Berggruen Fellow

Nicole Rigillo is a Berggruen Research Fellow based at Element AI in Montreal, Canada. There she engages AI scientists in dialogue on how artificial intelligence is changing what it means to be human. Her current research centers around explainable AI and spaces of epistemic negotiation between humans and intelligent machines, AI ethics beyond the human, and AI as a specific form of intelligence. Her postdoctoral research at the University of Edinburgh examined how civic and environmental activists use WhatsApp to improve municipal governance in Bangalore, India, raising questions concerning the effects of encrypted dark social networks on democracy and the public sphere. Her PhD research at McGill University focused on how mandatory corporate social responsibility in India is altering an earlier model of welfare universalism by redistributing social responsibilities among heterogeneous groups of non-state actors.

By Nicole Rigillo

The Transformation of the Human – Rethinking Explainability in Artificial Intelligence – Tui Shaub & Nicole Rigillo

WhatsApp Can Be Dangerous

Berggruen Fellow Nicole Rigillo: WhatsApp Can Be Dangerous