Kahlil Joseph

ToftH Artist Fellow

Khalil Joseph is a Los Angeles-based American artist and filmmaker best known for his large-scale video installations. His most recent work, BLKNWS, is a two-channel fugitive newscast that blurs the lines between art, journalism, entrepreneurship, and cultural critique, and made its international debut in the 58th Venice Biennale earlier this year.

Exploring film as a powerful collective experience that can be manipulated through its essential visual and audio components, BLKNWS reflects upon the contemporary period through samples of popular culture, archival material, and filmed news desk segments that expose the glaring under-development of the news media format.

Joseph has spent the past year incubating BLKNWS at the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University through roundtable discussions with faculty, staff, and students in preparation for its inclusion at the Biennale. He currently serves as the artistic director of The Underground Museum, a pioneering independent art museum, exhibition space and community hub in Los Angeles that he co-founded with his late brother, the visionary artist and curator, Noah Davis.