Johanna Hoffman

Urbanist, 2021-2022 Berggruen Fellow

Johanna Hoffman is an urbanist working in the space between design, planning, fiction, and futures. The Founder and Director of Planning at Design for Adaptation, Hoffman uses strategic planning and speculative design to help communities, cities, and organizations translate future uncertainties into present-day choices.

She has created adaptation strategies for international companies, led long-term planning for leading academic centers, designed interactive installations of urban futures, and held fellowships at centers such as the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the European Futures Observatory, and USC. She holds an MLA from UC Berkeley.

Her first book, Speculative Futures: Design Approaches to Navigate Change, Foster Resilience, and Co-Create the Cities We Need, was published in October 2022 by North Atlantic and Penguin Random House. A blend of applied research and professional insight, the text contextualizes speculative design tools within the realities of city planning to illuminate the ties between collective imagination and more resilient urban design. In addition to leading her consulting practice, Hoffman is currently developing her second book project, which explores the links between proactive climate adaptation and socio-spatial imaginaries of control.

By Johanna Hoffman

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