Iris Long

Writer and Independent Curator; 2022-2023 Berggruen China Center Fellow

Iris Long (b.1990) is a writer and independent curator with a particular focus on how trans-disciplinary practices can enable novel knowledge production as opposed to concept appropriation or generalization. She has curated exhibitions around art and technology, such as “Lying Sophia and Mocking Alexa” (, Hyundai Blue Prize recipient), “Blue Cables in Venetian Watercourse”(PSA Emerging Curator’s Program Award), the third Today Art Museum “Future of Today” and so on. She was also on the art jury of ISEA 2019 and SIGGRAPH ASIA 2020/2022. Iris’s research has been presented in “Art and Artificial Intelligence” (Open Conference, ZKM), “Art Machines: International Symposium on Computational Media Art (ISCMA)” (Hong Kong), Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts (London), ISEA and so on. In 2021, she initialized “Port: Under the Cloud”, a long-term research and curatorial project on the infrastructures of science and technology in China. In 2022, she participates in ZKM’s “Driving the Human” project as a scientist-in-residence. Personal website: