Henry Elkus

Founder and CEO: Helena

Henry Elkus is Founder and CEO of Helena. Helena brings together some of the world’s most remarkable people and works alongside them to materialize ideas that address significant global issues and create new innovations.

Helena’s past and current projects have sought to address elements of climate change, global security, economic inequality and the development of advanced technologies. Helena’s “Factory in the Sky” Project supported the development and construction of the world’s first commercial carbon-capture factory, and its “Shield Project” catalyzed state and federal action to help protect the North American Electrical grid from threats due to solar storms and cyber-attack.

Helena works alongside a small group of exceptional leaders throughout the year and around the world called Helena Members. They include Four-Star Generals, artificial intelligence experts, Fortune 100 Executives, Nobel Laureates, Academy Award Winners, CIA Directors, Academics, NGO Leaders, Olympic athletes, explorers, and more.

Outside of Helena, Henry serves as Social Entrepreneur in Residence at The Boston Consulting Group, as Special Advisor to the Berggruen Institute, and writes for the Wall Street Journal’s online small business panel. Henry left Yale University after his sophomore year to lead Helena full time.