Aminah Al-Attas Bradford

Theologian and Researcher, 2023-2024 Berggruen Fellow
photo of Aminah Al-Attas Bradford

Aminah Al-Attas Bradford is a Yemeni-American theologian and researcher at the North Carolina State University's Public Science Lab for Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity of Humans and Food where she explores the intersection of religion, multispecies and microbial humanity, race, and microbiopolitical theology. From the lab, she co-organizes an interdisciplinary, international group of scholars, artists, and activists who explore “big ideas” through multiple lenses, including public health, industry, fermentation, human futures, and climate change adaptation. She is currently writing a theology of human holobionts to reconfigure religious ways of knowing and reflecting the divine as symbiotic. At Berggruen, Bradford contributes to the Future Humans project, the Multispecies Constitution Project, and the Planetary Identities Project. Alongside her scholarly research, Bradford has over a decade of experience helping lead university chaplaincies and centers for spiritual, contemplative, and activist practices. She and her family live in North Carolina where in their spare time they keep intending to make things out of wood, ceramics, textiles, and occasionally even supper.