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Council for the Future of Europe - October Update

Following up on meetings over the preceding twelve months in Brussels, Paris and Zurich, the Institute’s Council on the Future of Europe met in Rome at the Hotel de Russie in May with fellow council member, now Italian prime minister, Mario Monti.

At that meeting, Prime Minister Monti -- who has positioned himself as a mediator between Germany, on one hand, and Spain, France and Italy on the other – suggested that our council could play a role in convincing public opinion, and in particular German public opinion, that much more needs to be done to secure the benefits of a united Europe.

To that end, the CFE embarked on a two-pronged strategy to make the case for Europe, and inform the public about the possible consequences of a euro collapse, both in major European newspapers and in a public “town hall” meeting in Germany.

MEDIA. As an immediate outcome of our Rome discussions, Niall Ferguson and Nouriel Roubini called on Germany, in a featured commentary in Der Spiegel, to remember the history of the European bank collapses in the 1930s that gave rise to fascism and political extremism. That article was also published in the Financial Times, Corriere della Sera, El Pais. Le Monde and Gazeta Wyborcza.

In cooperation with the mass circulation (12 million readers) Bild Zeitung in Germany, we published a series over the summer that included articles by Tony Blair, Romano Prodi, and Felipe Gonzalez. These articles -- on the theme “What should Germany’s role in Europe be?” -- were published in translation across Europe after the Bild appearance.

Other articles by Gordon Brown, Tony Giddens, Gerhard Schroeder, Peter Sutherland, Nicolas Berggruen, Nathan Gardels and Mohammed el-Erian were published in many of these same papers as well as Die Welt, the International Herald Tribune, La Stampa and the Guardian.

TOWN HALL. On October 29-30, the CFE will hold a two-day conference – called Europe After the Crisis -- on the future of Europe and what European federalism might look like.

Apart from some private meetings, the first day will feature a roundtable of senior European editors and journalists in discussion with CFE members. The second day will be a public town hall, under the sponsorship of Helmut Schmidt, featuring German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble and French Economics Minister Pierre Moscovici. Other participants include Ursula van der Leyen, Philip Missfelder, Pascal Lamy, Peter Sutherland, Gerhard Schroeder, Felipe Gonzalez, Jacques Attali, Marek Belka, Alain Minc, Romano Prodi, Jean-Claude Trichet, Bernard-Henri Levy, and Guy Verhofstadt.

A participatory website will go online several weeks before the town hall, and the event will be streamed over the Web.

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