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Roger Ames
Berggruen Fellow
Roger Ames is writing a book on Confucian ethics at Peking University. He will also be collaborating separately with Peter Hershock, Steve Angle, and Daniel Bell on separate projects including an edited volume of essays, an event on Artificial Intelligence’s impact on Eastern religion, and a promotion of cultural dialogue between China and India. He received his Ph.D. from the University of London and is a professor at the University of Hawaii where he also serves as the editor of Philosophy East and West. His publications and translations include: The Art of Rulership (SUNY Press, 2016), The Chinese Classic of Family Reverence: A Philosophical Translation of the Xiaojing (University of Hawaii Press, 2008), A Philosophical Translation of the Daodejing: Making This Life Significant (Ballantine, 2003), Focusing the Familiar: A Translation and Philosophical Interpretation of the Zhongyong (University of Hawaii Press, 2001), The Analects of Confucius (Ballantine, 1998), Tracing Dao to its Source (Ballantine, 1997), Sun Pin: The Art of Warfare (Ballantine, 1996), and Sun-Tzu: The Art of Warfare (Ballantine, 1993).
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